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Shangfeng is willing to cooperate sincerely with all customers to grow and develop together.

Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

The product has insulation performance and is waterproof, dustproof, splashproof, anti-corrosion and anti-aging. It also has advanced design and is suitable for environments where IP44 and IP67 levels are required.

Excellent and stable product quality.

The company strictly implements procedures such as screening and auditing raw material suppliers, incoming material testing, and incoming material comparison; production process design and process control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and obtain efficient production control; strictly monitor the quality of each batch of products according to the supplier's indicators.

Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.
Solution Services

Shangfeng adheres to the concept of providing excellent customer experience and provides customers with innovative products and engineering solutions. It is technology-oriented and innovation-driven. While pursuing stable and reliable products, it is committed to meeting the increasingly stringent and complex requirements of LED displays for electronic components from more aspects, and providing safer, smarter and more environmentally friendly solutions for LED displays.

Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.
Continuous and reliable product supply.

The company has sufficient production capacity and a high degree of control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continuous production; the company's complete ERP system, well-planned sales and warehousing network and efficient operation mechanism ensure that domestic orders are shipped within 24 hours after placement, and foreign trade orders are shipped one week later.

Fast and considerate extended service.

The company has always insisted on seamless service, carefully built an after-sales service team composed of technical backbones, implemented round-the-clock tracking service, visited, communicated and gave feedback to customers in a timely manner, helped customers solve problems, formed a regular communication and consultation mechanism with customers, established a customer file system, and strived to make after-sales service faster and more considerate.

Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.


  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    How long does it take to receive feedback after sending an inquiry?

    On working days, we will reply you within 6-12 hours after receiving your inquiry.

  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    What products can you provide?

    The company specializes in the production of industrial plugs, sockets, couplers (connectors), nylon cable ties and other products.

  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    What applications are your products involved in?

    The products are mainly used in: steel smelting, petrochemical, electric power, electronics, railways, construction sites, airports, mines, mining sites, water supply and drainage treatment plants, ports, docks, shopping malls, hotels and other industrial and mining enterprises, and as supporting and maintenance parts for power supplies and connectors of equipment imported from abroad. It is a new generation of ideal power supply devices.

  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    Can you make customized products?

    The corresponding products can be customized according to the requirements or parameters provided by customers.

  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    How to deliver the goods to us?

    Domestic cargo transportation methods include: truck transportation and logistics; international cargo transportation methods include: international express, sea transportation, air transportation, and rail transportation.

  • Wenzhou Shangfeng Electric Co.,Ltd.

    Which countries and regions do you export to?

    Our company's products are sold well in more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions at home and abroad, as well as countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc., and are highly favored by customers.